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Objective 3

Objective 3 is the new support program for cross boarder collaboration between the Free State Saxony and the Czech Republic. It detached the former support programme of the European Initiative Interreg III A, which had finished at the end of December 2006.

Thus the new EU funding-period of the structural funds started on 1st January 2007. By the 31st December 2013 projects of all types can be supported by financial EU means.

Subordinated target of the program is the organisation and the implementation of cross border economical, social and environmental activities with a sustainable territorial development for the Saxon-Czech border region.

You have to comply with at least one of these following requirements, to get promotional funds for the realisation of cross border projects from the Objective 3 program:

  • at least one project partner of each country works together in a project;
  • one of the project partner assumed the lead management and in order that the responsibility for the implementation of the common cross border project, the so-called Lead Partner.

The mates have to fulfil at least two of these four requirements:

  • common preparation or planning of the project;
  • common implementation of the project;
  • common personnel for the project;
  • common financing of the project.

Specific details about the program in Czech and German you are able to find here.

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