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Interreg IIIA


Czech Culture Days in Dresden and in the EELVáclav Marek & his BLUE STAR at the Dresden-Neustädter market hallLucie Ceralová, Janá?ek Philharmonie Ostrava & Theodore Kuchar at the Dresdner Frauenkirche

The project contains the accomplishment of a sociocultural festival to build-up a network of cross border cooperation. This happens by presentation of Czech present culture and simultaneous integration and support of new and existing initiatives and forms of activities. Thereby information was spread and meetings initiated.

More information you can get here (German, Czech).

Exhibition Mine “Marie-Louise-Stolln? Berggießhübel

The Project comprised the rearrangement of the old mine and the “Mutter-Gottes-Lager? into an exhibition mine and the conversation of the mine building into a binational educational establishment with a multimedia show about the history of the supra-regional transboundary mining. Reconstruction last from 2003 to 2006. The “Marie-Louise-Stolln? was dedicated on Whitsun 2006.

Link (German)


German-Czech computer game “Ulli Uhu? and field guide East Ore Mountains

“Ulli Uhu? is designed for kids and linked a game with experiences in nature, environment and agriculture of the East Ore Mountains on both sides of the German-Czech border.
Furthermore it was released a bilingual field guide for young people and adults as an expansion of the game.

Link (German)

Geo-information network for cross border region of the National Park Saxon-Bohemian SwitzerlandTop view: Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland

Objective was the creation of an area-wide geo-information pool for a sustainable support of cross border spatial development and for management and planning in the biological reserve and the regional planning institutions.

Transboundary online information system about Saxon, Czech and Polish forest conversation

By the online portal responsible institutions are able to advice themselves transboundary, fast and informative on damaged caused to forests and them dispersion.


Human resources

Cooperation between the units of the Masaryk hospital in Ústí nad Labem and Saxon hospitals

The project was made to transfer know-how between the participants. It comprises language preparation, conferences and establishing ties between units of the hospitals.

Creation of an intellectual and cultural Centre at the Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium in Pirna

The project created a binational cultural area as an interface between German and Czech culture and also engaged in enlargement of the EU.

Link (Czech, German)

Tourism/ Economic

Cycle touring portal of the district Ústí nad Labem

The online presentation of the district Ústí nad Labem was enhanced by a cycle touring portal to inform visitors, inhabitants and all interested parties about cycle paths in the district.

Link (Czech, German)

Documentary film “Ein Märchen aus Stein?DVD.coverFirst Round Table with Czech and German politicians

The documentary film was produced in close collaboration between the Tourism Association Saxon Switzerland and the non-profit organisation Bohemian Switzerland. The film shows the beauty of the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland through all seasons. It is available in five languages (Czech, German, English, French and Spanish).

Synregio – a network for small and medium-sized enterprisesDiscussion between entrepreneurs and the member of the German Bundestag Klaus Brämig (CDU) Presentation of the network "Synregio" with partners

Objective is to support economical and social cooperation in the district Weißeritz. Focus is on wood-working, mechanisation and metal construction enterprises as soon as affected industries and consulting undertakings.
Furthermore the network offers practice workshops, development of transboundary marketing activities and a Czech language course especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Link (German)


Cooperation between the Police departmentsMobile vehicle scale

The transboundary cooperation between the police departments in the EEL was aided by Interreg IIIA.

  1. Cooperation in cross border crime reduction between the Upper Elbe dale-Eastern re Mountains police department and the police department of the district Ústí nad Labem:
    • Formulation and realisation of a transboundary concept for crime reduction on the level of constabulary and crime police department.
  2. Cross border manhunt for missing:
    • Purchase of equipment, especially a vehicle with communicative devices, night sensing equipment, IT and so on;
    • Common meetings, trainings and practices.
  3. A save international road haulage on the new A 17 motorway and its road diversions:
    • Intensive cooperation in common service.
  4. Common patrol boat:
    • Purchasing a patrol boat for transboundary operation;
    • Language courses and education in state law.

MobiKat – cross border system to safeguard mobility and to control situation in the event of a disasterMobiKat in serviceIntegral part of MobiKat: Mobile cameras

MobiKat safeguards cross border mobility of operational units and concerned persons in events of disaster. It based on a transboundary mobility database with integrated infrastructure, traffic and civil protection data, which are keep up to date by online updates. The program is using praxis orientated scientific analysis, prediction and simulation methods.

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Further INTERREG IIIA-projects you are able to find here (Czech, German, Polish).
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