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Tasks & Objectives

Objective of the EUROREGION ELBE/LABE and its organs is to make work and tasks of the EUROREGION ELBE/LABE transparent and to simplify and to streamline the regional cross border collaboration. The Collaboration based on the principles of equality under attention on the European Outline Convention on Trans-frontier Cooperation between Territorial Communities or Authorities, which passed the Council of Europe (CE) in 1980.

The foundation conference assigned the following targets and objectives:

  1. Support of collaboration and development in the fields of:
    • regional planning,
    • nature and environment,
    • business development and tourism/ development of infrastructure,
    • civil protection and rescue,
    • traffic,
    • culture, education, sport, encounter,
    • health and social services;
  2. Support of municipal and individual projects which are associated with the regional goals of development;
  3. Support of all activities and efforts on a municipal level, which promote the development in border areas on the common EU internal frontier;
  4. Representation of the regional interests at authorities and institutions and support of activities in frame of the binding agreements about regional and municipal transborder cooperation.
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