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The Sections

The binational manned sections are engaged in problems in line with the tasks of the EUROREGION ELBE/LABE. They prepare proposals and recommendations which will be produced for examination and decision to the institutions of the EUROREGION ELBE/LABE. The members of the sections are elected representatives and specialists from all areas.

Every section meet two times per year to exchange project conceptions, to establish contacts and to brief the members of the section on current support programmes.

Currently there are 6 sections:

Business Development / Tourism
Culture, Education, Sport and Social Affairs
Civil Protection
Spatial Development

On 4th of June 2008 the Co-Chairpersons of all sections met in Ústí nad Labem for the first time. Topics of the conference were the section-spanning cooperation and recruitment of new members.
From now on they will meet yearly.

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